Size Guide


UK Sizes 4-7 4-8
Euro Sizes 37-40 37-42
US Sizes 6½-9½ 6½-10½



UK Sizes 6-8 6-11 9-11
Euro Sizes 39.3-42 39.3-46 43-46
US Sizes 6½-8½ 6½-11½ 9½-11½



Age 1-2yrs2-3.5yrs3½-7yrs7-11yrs11-13yrs
 UK 3-5½ 6-8½ 9-12 12.5-3½ 4-6½
Euro 19-22 23-26 27-30 31-36 37-39½

Thickness and Length


Pairs of socks come in all sorts of thickness and lengths. On each product page you will find a thickness and length indicator.



The blue outline will indicate to you what sort of thickness your socks will be. As you can see from the example, these socks will be fairly light. The heaviest socks in terms of thickness, would be say winter wool socks, where you can expect maximum warmth for cold days, or hard wearing, for example, an outdoor work sock.


The totally blue filled image indicates the length of the sock. The highest socks we do are over-the-knee. Within the example image, you will notice, these socks are knee-high.

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